Hemlock Cliffs

Hemlock Cliffs, Indiana
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Hemlock Cliffs is a box canyon hidden within the Hoosier National Forest in Crawford County and can be accessed by a 2-mile hiking loop. A cool climate, sandstone rock formations, and seasonal waterfalls are responsible for the unique trees and plants that grow here. The area features sandstone rock outcrops, overhangs, cliffs, rock shelters, and ravines. Much of the sandstone is “Honeycombed” by weathering of iron ores. Springs, small caves, and subterranean drainage conduits can be found.

Archaeological excavations indicate Native American occupation as early as 10,000 years ago. The head of the canyon is a large, semi circular rock shelter, which undoubtedly provided cover and defense to the early occupants of this area.

It a great spot for those wishing to find tranquility and a chance for reflection.